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Building services

Just like it used to be, only better

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Snow clearing and gritting - minor repairs – emergency service.

We know what building management companies want.

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The caretaker profession is dying out

We are property professionals. We want satisfied tenants, safe and clean houses and transparent and traceable services. In 1997, we started to notice that classic caretakers who live on the premises had almost completely disappeared. They had become a luxury that only large residential buildings could still afford.

We increasingly came across service providers who were working in place of the caretaker. Tenants and owners were rarely pleased with the services they provided. We experienced untrained staff, cash-in-hand work, wage dumping, work performed poorly and various other problems.

As a company, there was only one alternative left:
to do it ourselves, and better! 
This was the birth of the Picobello Facility Management GmbH.

Cleaning services – just the way you want it

We want our properties to be cleaned as if we lived there ourselves. Our friendly and trained building cleaners are instructed to provide more than “cleaning by the book”. They clean wherever cleaning is needed, in line with your expectations.

Our staff will greet you with a smile and always have time to listen to your suggestions.

We work with professional materials and can help in the following areas:

  • Cleaning services
  • Glass and office cleaning
  • Basic cleaning and detailed cleaning
  • Special cleaning – graffiti removal

Snow clearing and gritting – minor repairs – emergency service.

We know what building management companies want.

Why are so many people unhappy with their snow clearing and gritting services, we wondered. It didn’t take long to find the answer: the problem is not so much the cleaning of public areas with high-tech equipment, but more the manual work that is needed in private areas to ensure that the cellar and the refuse bins can be accessed safely. This is why we work with our own staff who know their way around the property, rather than external companies. For this to work, we only offer this service to customers who have already ordered cleaning services and/or building administration from us.

We have our own tradespeople and painters who are available to help with small and large repairs, as we appreciate how difficult it can be to find a skilled worker to complete small jobs at short notice.

When does the heating stop working? That’s right – 6 p.m. on a Friday, just when many people are taking a bath. Our 24-hour emergency service can provide rapid help, as you want some time off yourself.

Building services Just like it used to be, only better

A caretaker on site is hard to replace. As a result, caretaking services are often scrapped completely. But what happens when a couple of light bulbs break in the stairwell or a carpet rod goes missing? Both lead to frustration and also to serious risk, as the building owner or the owner’s building management have a duty of care to visitors to, or inhabitants of, the buildings.

To avoid this risk, our qualified caretakers check at least once a week that all building facilities are in good working order. Furthermore, the roof, cellar and building services are inspected regularly and any necessary measures are initiated. With every damage report, we can include, if desired, suggested rectification measures and a cost estimate. Then all you need to do is approve them and the rest will be taken care of automatically.

A modern fleet of vehicles with complete workshop equipment and cutting-edge software solutions makes us your capable partner that is on hand to help.

Your green areas – our gardeners

We care for your green areas thoroughly and regularly. This includes checking that your trees are stable and ensuring that any obstacles to safe movement are rectified in good time.

You won’t need to remind us that your lawn needs mowing, and we find practical and inexpensive watering strategies. We work with you to plan your gardens and outdoor facilities so that you and your tenants can enjoy them for many years to come. Along with their green fingers, our gardeners make use of state-of-the-art technology.

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